Basic Statistics

Sometimes you want to get a quick view of some basic statistics on your server (i.e. uptime, smb traffic, network traffic, connections, etc.). There is a nice little command line utility called net statistics that is really nice for this.
You can use:
net statistics server
net statistics workstation

Net Statistics Server will yield the following information:

Statistics since 2/24/2012 2:58:36 PM

Sessions accepted 1
Sessions timed-out 0
Sessions errored-out 0

Kilobytes sent 17
Kilobytes received 9

Mean response time (msec) 0

System errors 0
Permission violations 0
Password violations 0

Files accessed 0
Communication devices accessed 0
Print jobs spooled 0

Times buffers exhausted

Big buffers 0
Request buffers 0

Net Statistics Workstation Yields this.

Statistics since 2/24/2012 2:58:30 PM

Bytes received 330263
Server Message Blocks (SMBs) received 434
Bytes transmitted 153877
Server Message Blocks (SMBs) transmitted 430
Read operations 50
Write operations 0
Raw reads denied 0
Raw writes denied 0

Network errors 0
Connections made 42
Reconnections made 55
Server disconnects 4

Sessions started 0
Hung sessions 0
Failed sessions 0
Failed operations 1
Use count 186
Failed use count 83

Another little basic weapon for your arsenal.

Stand up meetings to minimize the productivity killer!

Here is a great article about utilizing stand up meetings to reduce the length. We’ve all been in those meetings where people just go on and on, when all that’s really needed is a quick update.
Read the article and let me know what you think. What other ideas have you used or would like to try to reduce meetings?