This week we looked at WebQuests. These are kind of like online treasure hunts where students are given a situation and task to complete using online resources.  I think these are great. Not only does it build content knowledge, it also teaches online searching skills which is critical in today’s society.  The WebQuest I found online that I really liked was a Small Business WebQuest at http://imet.csus.edu/imet1/peaty/webquest/

I think this WQ does an excellent job of laying out the situation and providing an interesting topic to research.  It provides examples of other small businesses and really walks students through the process.  The scoring guidelines are clear and easy to understand.  I think this could be made better by tying in to a segment of the TV show Shark Tank to show how pitching a business and understanding the business can really make a difference in getting funding.

The WebQuest that I created for this class can be found at http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=253034

This WQ is about creating effective fliers using MS Word. There are several things that I look for the students to get out of this lesson. First off, I want them to understand what goes into making a good flier to catch people’s attention. That’s the obvious one. Next, I want them to learn some MS Word skills that they may not already have, like adjusting margins. Then, one of the most important skills, knowing how to search for information on the web and then finding that credible information. Too often I work with students and adults who have no real idea how to word their search queries to return what they are really looking for. I remember as a child going to the library so the librarian could show us how to use the library to research information. These days, so much of that has been replaced by the internet.

Zunal is a great tool for creating WebQuests. It walks you through the creation process as well as providing a really useful set of tools to embed content and make the WebQuest interface much more interesting for the students.

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