Consider 4G Wireless as part of Disaster Continuity Planning

Very interesting article at Tech Republic about 4G wireless and traditional hard wire networking.

For companies really serious about staying connected during and after a large scale disaster or outage, using a 4G wireless network as a backup to failover to may be a very valuable business decision.

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Microsoft finally releases their PST capture tool. Here’s the article from Tony Redmond. Check it out and post what you think about it.

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A collective sigh settled upon the worldwide Exchange community after Microsoft’s much-anticipated but late release of their free-to-use PST Capture tool occurred today. The tool was originally announced in July 2011 for delivery by the end of the year. Essential testing, especially through a restricted external test by some members of Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP), slowed the release. However, the tool is now available for download from Microsoft’s web site (updated for PST Capture 2.0 Released 20 February 2013) and you can make your own mind up whether the software fits the bill in your circumstances. Some documentation is available. However, it’s pretty sparse at present and needs to be filled out with experience and tips and techniques from actual deployments. Prepare for a flood of blog posts! In the meantime, I offer some thoughts on the challenges that exist in any PST ingestion project – including the indigestion…

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