Vsphere VCenter

Spent the past two days installing our new vCenter server along with SSO and some other features. Let me say that this is full of gotchas and pitfalls. Seems like it should be straight forward when you put the DVD in the drive, but think again.
I will take some time over the next couple of days to talk about some of the particulars. Stay tuned.

vmWare backup strategy

Here is an interesting backup strategy for vmWare using Veeam. I would love to hear what others are using for solid backup strategies.

From Steve Galbincea via LinkedIn

Veeam the VMs to a SAN LUN, then back that up to tape once a week via Backup Exec and a quad-LTO5 array. We also have daily file level backups of critical dynamic data via Backup Exec as well. Combine those with VSS, SAN snapshots, and SAN replication to the DR cluster and we feel pretty well covered.

A really cool feature in Veeam is the ability to mount and start a VM from the Veeam backup storage right there in Veeam – you can then use vMotion and SvMotion to move the recovered VM back into your cluster with pretty much no downtime.

The Basics

Look in the log files.

One of the first questions I ask people when they call me about problems with their servers is if they have looked at the Windows Application Log (or System Log). There really is an incredible amount of useful information that can be found there.
I understand the reluctance we old admins haveĀ about doing this. Once upon a time, the logs would be filled with code references and little information that was directly useful to the server admin trying to troubleshoot an issue. Those days are gone. Today, most programs (especially Microsoft products) provide critical information that can help you resolve issues quickly.